The Spiders (ARANEAE) Of The Arid Southwest (Arizona, New Mexico and Trans-Pecos Texas)

  • David Allen Dean

    • Texas A & M University, College Station, Texas
  • Sandra Brantley
    • University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • Bruce Cutler
    • University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas

This list is dedicated to four Arachnologists who have contributed significantly to the study of Southwest Spiders:

  • Willis J. Gertsch (IN MEMORIA)
  • Donald Lowrie (IN MEMORIA)
  • Martin Muma (IN MEMORIA)
  • Vincent D. Roth (IN MEMORIA)

With special thanks to Don Lowrie and Vince Roth for their major contributions to the New Mexico and Arizona lists respectively.

Contact: Dr. David B. Richman