General Checklist

A checklist Of The Spiders (ARANEAE) Of The Arid Southwest (Arizona, New Mexico and Trans-Pecos Texas)

This list is a summation of the database The Spiders of the Arid Southwest. It is based on published and unpublished records available to the authors. Again, special thanks are due to the late Donald Lowrie and Vincent D. Roth for the many records that they provided to us over the years. James Cokendolpher also provided us with two records of undescribed Thymoites. Mike Draney examined the spider collection at Western New Mexico University and provided several records from specimens identified by Martin H. Muma.

At present the list contains 57 families, 272 genera and 1083 species. Family and generic names are based on Platnick 2011 (The World Spider Catalog, Version 12.0, <' target="_blank">American Museum of Natural History, NY ) We have added a references section after the list. We are indebted to Chris Frazier at the University of New Mexico for his extensive editorial help.

It is hoped that the list will be of use to arachnologists and researchers in biodiversity for this region. Any valid records and/or references for the area covered which are not included in the current list would be appreciated. Contact David B. Richman.

Last Revised (in part) 2020